Fellowship of Oso Creek Staff


Senior Pastor: Matt Brennan

Matt came to Fellowship of Oso Creek in 2011 and became the Lead pastor in 2013. Matt and Sara have two adopted daughters and two sons. Matt is a graduate of Baylor University, Logsdon Seminary, and the South Texas School of Christians Studies.


Worship Pastor: Travis harvey

Travis joined the Oso Staff in September 2018. He and his wife Brandi moved to Corpus from the Houston area. Travis has served as a sound engineer and youth worship pastor before taking the role of Worship Pastor at Oso Creek. He and Brandi have been married since 2017.


Children’s Minister: Stacy Nacu

Stacy has been a member of Fellowship of Oso Creek for three years. She joined the pastoral staff in June of 2019. Stacy and her husband Brian have three children.


Youth Pastor: Allen Young

Allen came on staff as the Student Pastor in October 2018. He is currently a student at Stark College and Seminary in Corpus Christi. He and his wife Ashlyn got married in May of 2019.


Administrative assistant and MDO Director: Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth is a native Texan. She is married to Caleb, who works for the City of Corpus Christi. They have two daughters. Elizabeth and Caleb spent two years living in the Middle East, and the last 10 years in the Austin area before moving to Corpus in 2017.

Fellowship of Oso Creek Elders

Fellowship of Oso Creek is first an Elder led church. Our Current Elders are

Matt Brennan

Micheal Ilse

Rafa Berio

Steve Carlino

Rob Conolly

Joe Quintanilla

Wes McIntosh

Mark Tompkin